Carita Paris Beautique

Vitala has opted for a unique luxury concept Carita, especially specialized in anti-aging. A Carita treatment is in the first instance making time for yourself and enjoying a personalized approach that enhances the operation of the product.

Whoever enters the world of Vitala believes in the combination of extreme results and unparalleled comfort. A perfect balance between manual skill, strictly controlled formulas and highly effective devices. Carita is continuing to build on its expertise in these three areas to push the boundaries of cosmetics to guarantee even better, more sustainable beauty results that are visible and palpable.

About Carita

Carita Paris Beautique in Vitala institute offers you 3 beauticians who have enjoyed the advanced training of Carita Paris and successfully completed this certification in order to be able to care for you even more exclusively. Because you deserve the best care!

Carita Paris Facial treatments

After a thorough skin analysis, we make a choice together with you about the intensity and duration of the treatment, from the Carita menu ...

Carita treatment menu

Parfaite 3 Ors Progressive Anti-aging

Néomorphosis (anti-wrinkle treatment)

Jeunesse Originelle

Carita products

The perfect balance between practical insight, excellence in product development and precision instruments.

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