Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal with the laser or laser hair removal is the standard today. It is the most effective treatment and and gives the best guarantee for a hairless silky skin.

What does laser hair removal?

PPermanent hair removal with the laser or laser hair removal is the standard today.  Vitala uses the 810 nm Alma Beauty Remove diode laser.  This "gold standard" diode laser is used in more than 3500 institutions and by plastic surgeons worldwide. 

It is the most effective treatment and and gives the best guarantee for a hairless silky skin.

The combination of Alma's 810 nm diode laser with the patented  SHRTM technology makes the Alma Beauty Remove device to the safest, most reliable and most effective laser hair removal solution available in the market today. 

SHR has proven in numerous clinical studies to be the safest hair removal technology for all skin types (I-VI). SHR's unique method of gradual heating and energy supply has been specially designed to minimize the risk of damage, regardless of the pigment level. This makes it an absolutely safe and effective method, also for dark skin types. Sun exposure is also much less traumatic with this SHR technology compared to other hair removal methods.

Alma Beauty REMOVE ™ offers the safest and most effective solution for hair removal, based on advanced technology, versatility in operation and ease of application. With this technique you are able to treat all skin tones and the widest range of hair types, 365 days a year. The treatment is almost painless, fast and comfortable and offers your customers beautiful, silky smooth skin.

Permanent hair removal: how does lasering work in principle?

laser hair removallaser hair removallaser hair removal

Compression of the handpiece against the skin brings the hair root close to the skin surface. At the same time, this handpiece emits a light flash that generates heat. This heat is transported through the melanin present in the hair to the hair root. The hair root will be damaged in this way and will never develop a hair again. To understand this principle you need to know which hair growth cycles exist.

The laser method and the hair growth cycle

When our hair grows (read anagen phase) it stays in contact with the hair root. This is just what it takes to destroy the hair root. This is because hair contains melanin. It absorbs light and converts it into heat. The heat from a flash of light from the laser device is strong enough to permanently destroy the hair root.

Is definitive laser hair removal good for all skin types?

The laser works on both dark and lighter skin types. With darker skin types it often takes a little longer to get the same result as with lighter skin types. A longer pulsation time and lower energy is needed. You can always contact us for a prior skin analysis and test shot.

Pain-free hair removal treatment

When using traditional hair removal devices or techniques, treatment is often a true nightmare. With every flash you are often exposed to an unlikely feeling of pain. The epilation with resin is also not always fun. However, the laser treatment with the diode laser from Alma Beauty is completely pain-free. You will be amazed how efficiency and pleasure are combined. 

100 % satisfaction

The number of laser hair removal treatments varies per zone. On average, 6 treatments are required (for darker skin types this can sometimes be slightly more), because not every hair is in the anagen phase. When the laser destroys the hair follicles, the hair follicle is permanently destroyed. But do not forget, however, that in the places where no hairs grew during the treatment, no hair follicles could be destroyed. Hence the need for multiple treatments.

Benefits of the Alma Beauty Remove laser hair removal

Pain-free and comfortable

With the laser method, the temperature of the hair root is gradually increased, not all at once. This is done by moving the head during the treatment. In this way the energy is delivered evenly so that you feel very comfortable.

Permanent hair removal with the laser works for all skin types
The high average power, the low flux and the high repetition rate of the laser ensure that the energy is delivered safely for all skin types.

Lasering: short and pain-free

Hair removal with laser treatments is a piece of cake and very comfortable. Of course, the time for a treatment varies slightly. For example, a treatment of the back and legs only takes about 15 minutes.

Areas to be treated

  • Women
    Upper lip, Chin, Cheekbones, Neck, Neck, Bikini, Armpits, Arms, Lower legs, Full legs
  • Men
    Men's swimming trunks, Shoulders, Beard, Chest, Belly, Back


Small zone

Upper or lower lip, chin, eyebrows, eyebrow spacer, navel, areola, fingers, toes, perineum (zone around anus), ear lobe, sideburns 

€ 50,-

Medium sized zone

Cheeks, neck (from the first fold to collarbone), armpits, front bikini line, string line, abdomen (between navel and venus hill), hands or feet completely, penis, buttock 

€ 100,-

Medium zone

Full face, bikini brésilien (single line on Venus hill), full bikini (front and bottom), forearms, upper arms, shoulders, buttocks, lower back, upper back, beard, ball bag

€ 150,-

Large zone

Upper legs, lower legs, chest, abdomen 

€ 200,-


(There is also a girlfriend discount of € 10 on your next treatment or € 50 on a subscription)

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