Vitala Beauty & Wellness institute, where you can enjoy all the best care.

Meet our team of professional beauticians and hairdressers.

They pamper you and take care of your skin improvement, slimming and permanent hair removal. They also specialize in non-invasive / less invasive beauty treatments such as Lipotouch (fat reduction: liposuction through cavitation), Alma Beauty Remove diode laser for permanent laser hair removal, Biolifting anti-aging (Semperbeauty), Endermology (anti cellulite), Lipomassage , Endermolift, Microdermabrasion (Oxygeneo dermo-peel), LED Light Therapy (Red & Blue), RF Regen TriPolar, Universal Contour Wrap, Cryolipolysis, Kyalin, beauty treatments from Carita Paris and Decléor, the protein diet ... in short, our specialists are ready for you!


Met veel ondernemingszin en accent op "mooi verouderen" run ik reeds 22 jaar deze prachtige zaak .



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