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Welcome to Vitala hair salon!

Your favorite Kérastase hair salon in Heverlee for a unique experience, including a free hair and scalp diagnosis, a tailor-made hair ritual and a tailor-made hair and scalp routine at home using high-quality Kérastase hair and scalp care products.


Here your journey begins with a professional hair diagnosis followed by the custom hair care ritual to treat your hair and scalp. To extend the benefits of your at-home salon experience, your expert hairdresser will recommend the right home routine using Kérastase's highest quality hair and scalp care products. Your hair will be visibly healthier and shinier. Visit our salon in Heverlee to experience this luxurious treat and discover your unique hair transformation.

Using the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the hair, our hairdressers give you expert tips, tricks and exercises to take (even) better care of your hair and scalp from now on.

Colour, highlights, cut or even makeover, our excellent hairstylists will take your hair and scalp needs into account and reveal the healthy shine of your hair. The Kérastase products used in our salon contain the best performing active ingredients and innovative formulas to treat the hair in depth with lasting and visible results.

The price of your treatment is fixed at your Vitala hair salon. The care of your hair is of course determined individually and is always charged separately.

See you soon at Vitala!


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Kapsalon Kérastase


Kapsalon Kérastase

Hairspa by Vitala


Is your hair ready for a Kérastase hair wellness

Work, play, wash, repeat. You become addicted to the rhythm, carried away by the excitement. It's all very stimulating until the stress starts to affect your hair. If you add environmental factors and hormonal changes to your super-busy lifestyle, the conclusion is obvious. You start to find a hair trail on your clothes, in the shower, in your hairbrush and everywhere you go.

Hair loss, thinning hair, sensitive scalp… 

The head massage in the barber chair should last a little longer. Kérastase has designed some special rituals around this moment.  Come and discover it at Vitala in Leuven.

Kérastase hairwellness

With the hair wellness at Vitala in Leuven we will tackle your scalp and hair! We first do a scalp scrub, followed by an adapted serum, delicious massage and an adapted mask. Your hair is then cut and/or brushed into shape as desired. You will go home reborn!

If necessary, a home protocol/cure is advised.


Hair loss by breaking

External factors and daily stress factors such as heat styling, environmental pollution can weaken the hair fiber. The hair breaks off in the middle, making it thinner and weaker overall. Even broken, hair still grows from the bulb, but daily exposure to external aggressors can also cause inflammation in the hair follicle.

Hair loss from the hair root

Biological factors such as internal emotional stress, hormonal changes, external dietary habits and environmental lifestyle choices affect hair at the root. The hair bulb gradually separates from the scalp and the hair falls out in the shower, at work or in the car.

The head massage in the barber chair should last a little longer. Kérastase has designed a number of special rituals around this moment, including the Kérastase hair clinic

With the ritual you choose, we pamper your hair and scalp by massaging with subtle but thorough movements, treating the hair deeply from the root to the tips. Discover in our Hair salon Kerastase in Leuven , or Kérastase-rituals, and make an appointment at Vitala in Leuven!


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