House rules

House rules, miscellaneous and practical guidelines

There is a general smoking ban within our facilities. If you smoke outside, we kindly request you to extinguish the butts in the appropriate facility at the main entrance.

it is forbidden to bring your own drink or food or to consume it in our facilities.

It is at all times prohibited to add or apply foreign products or additives in or to any part of the whirlpools of VITALA BVBA (further referred to as VITALA).

If even accidental damage is caused to the facilities of VITALA, VITALA reserves the right to claim corresponding damages against the users or visitors who caused the damage and / or who is responsible for them, or and on simple presentation of the corresponding invoice, to immediately have the damaged or damaged part repaired at the expense of the users or the visitors and / or the person who is responsible for them and who is responsible for this, partly in order to limit the damage as much as possible.

The management has the right to refuse entry to the institution (drunkenness, disturbance of the order, non-compliance with these regulations, etc.) to any person who appears to pose a danger to the safety and health of those present.

Animals are not allowed in the establishment.

For the treatments on Sunday (in our institute and hair salon) we charge a Sunday supplement of 10%

House rules - Applicable law

Belgian internal law always applies, any disputes are preferably settled amicably and on the basis of reasonableness and a balanced approach, otherwise the courts of the judicial district of LEUVEN will be competent to settle disputes and disputes of any kind, take note and judge it.

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