Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal with the N ° 1 laser from Alma Beauty! Get rid of those annoying hairs quickly and safely!

Take advantage of the laser hair removal promotion until January 31, 2020!

Laser hair removal

January and February are the months par excellence to start with definitive hair removal eand to be hair-free by the summer and look great on the beach, during sports, with your partner, on holiday, ... Make it once and for Always get rid of traditional hair removal and opt for permanent laser hair removal.

Vitala works with the powerful high-tech

Alma Beauty Remove diode laser.


Vitala has already built 4 generations of technology and 15 years of experience with laser hair removal. We therefore always have the latest and most efficient technology for permanent laser hair removal.

Even safer and faster with a perfect result!

Come and convince yourself , make your first appointment for a free test before January 31st  2020 and experience the results of the permanent hair removal with our Alma Beauty Remove laser.

The quick decision makers can enjoy the current promotion until the end of January!

You can find more information about permanent laser hair removal through following link

  • one-time discount on one session.
  • can be combined with a subscription 5 + 1 session for free
  • if you opt for a subscription on the day of the trial.

You can book this promotion till January 31st, 2020.

For fast decision makers

Small zone€30instead of  €50
Medium small zone€75instead of
Medium large zone€99instead of
Large zone€149
instead of

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