Endermology is a treatment that really tackles cellulite and skin slackening without surgery or medication with an excellent result.

What is Endermology?

Endermologie is a treatment that really tackles cellulite and skin slackening without surgery or medication with an excellent result. Our beauticians have been trained as endermologists. Vitala has the latest LPG appliance (with even better results) on the market.

Since 1996 it has been possible to treat cellulite in a non-surgical way with excellent results. This method is called endermology. This beautiful method allows Vitala to treat cellulite and thus improve the contours of the body, such as making the orange peel disappear. For almost all areas of the body, from head to foot, where cellulite occurs, an endermological treatment can be applied.

In addition to treating cellulite, the method can also be used to improve the condition of the skin.

What exactly does the endermology treatment entail?

An endermological treatment with the LPG device is a completely painless treatment and is used against cellulite and to obtain a tighter skin.

By means of two rollers, fat cells are, as it were, 'squeezed to pieces', whereby the slightly deeper fat under the skin is also treated. After several treatments, on average 10 to 20, the effect becomes clearly visible. This will of course be determined at all times after consultation between you and the therapist of Vitala. The client can also decide at any time to complete the treatment if he/she deems that he/she has achieved the desired result.

Endermology is recommended for

  • Cellulite, orange peel
  • breeches
  • skin sagging
  • Before/after liposuction
  • For a better distribution of the fats
  • Centimeter Loss
  • To support a diet

The endermologie treatment can also be applied pre-operatively (for example before undergoing liposculpture) or post-operatively (for example to tighten and maintain the skin after a surgical procedure as well as to treat residual fat deposits after liposculpture).

What can you expect from the treatment?

The endermologie treatment is a treatment method that literally attacks cellulite; so you can expect a lasting result once treated. This is not to say that you can never get cellulite in that place again, but both the skin and the underlying tissue are activated by endermology, so that cellulite has almost no chance to develop in the future.

An exception to this is a significant increase in size and weight.


Risks and Complications

As mentioned above, endermological treatment is not a surgical method of treatment. There are no risks and complications associated with this treatment. The treatment is therefore very safe and can be applied to almost any person.

Would you like information about Endermolift ? This technique plumps up the skin and tackles the signs of aging. For a radiant, visibly younger face.


One-time treatment€ 60 (40 min)
A zone after cavitation€ 40,-
Endermology full body€70 (50mins)
Endermology full body & full facelift€ 130 (90 mins)
Endermology with manual relaxation massage back and shoulders€75 (60mins)


10 treatments + 1 free

15 treatments + 2 free

20 treatments + 3 free

(There is also a girlfriend discount of €10 on your next treatment or €50 on a subscription)

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